2020 was a remarkable year – certainly not one that anyone could have anticipated, welcomed, or dreamed of – yet despite the challenges and the devastating loss of so much – in all aspects of our lives – we at The Cape Playhouse remain hopeful that we are embarking on a brighter year ahead.
Our hope is grounded and nourished from the unwavering support we received this past year from all our patrons near and far, our corporate partners, the Town of Dennis, and the State of Massachusetts. We treasure this recomposed family and would not have been able to survive without this support system. A heartfelt and resounding thank you for being there – and to those in particular who contributed to our Ghost Light Fund – helping us to reach our ambitious goal within the strike of the New Year!
With the onset of the pandemic in March, we were extremely grateful to all our patrons who contributed to our Cape Cod Healthcare Foundation Response to Covid-19 initiative to support the frontline healthcare workers in our community. Yet, as the Spring got underway, Covid dictated that our interior mainstage would remain dark, apart from Gertie’s Ghost Light shining bright. We adapted our programming, like so many, to the realms of Zoom and converted our incredibly beautiful campus into our outdoor stage. During the summer months we hosted lawn concerts and lectures, and even tried our hand at a pop-up drive-in movie in partnership with The Cape Cinema and The Cape Cod Museum of Art. At Christmas we brought additional light and hope to our campus through our ILLUME! display and partnered with our neighbors at Eventide Theatre to present a weekend of socially distant family fun with Victorian Carollers, Dickensian storytellers, and a bona fide Santa Claus – eager to collect all of those hopeful letters! 
We also turned our attention to a little housekeeping – with some very enormous projects! We are particularly delighted with the addition of an impressive new septic system for The Playhouse, a sturdy new roof for The Cape Cinema, and the addition of a new smoke detector system within the theatre.
We don’t have a crystal ball for the months to come, but rest assured we are diligently working to deliver more programming throughout the year and more housekeeping will keep us busy with additional facility improvements. We are looking forward to receiving you in grand-style as soon as we safely can!
On behalf of the Board of Trustees of The Cape Cod Center for the Arts and my colleagues Michael Rader, Producing Artistic Director and Joe Grandy, Consulting Producer, I wish you all good health, joy, and peace for a truly remarkable 2021.
With sincere gratitude for all that each and everyone of you do for The Cape Playhouse,
Nora Carey
Executive Director