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Most Realistic Audrey Around

The Cape Playhouse is now renting “the most realistic Audrey Two” puppets available today.

Designed by Michael Schweikardt, our four Audrey Two puppets are incredibly realistic and exceptionally crafted. The largest of the four puppets is hydraulic and grows to a stunning height, towering 12 feet over your audience.

If you want to WOW your audience, you have found the right Audrey Two!

The first puppet is a hand-held prop that can also be manipulate from below.

The second puppet is worn with an attached jacket and fake arm and is controlled by Seymour.

The third plant sits on a base that is 3’6″ and is operated by a puppeteer. The puppeteer can control the mouth of the puppet and the way it faces. They also wear vines on their legs and can control some vine movement by kicking their legs.  

The largest puppet is on a steel platform that is 13′ long and 4’6″ wide. The puppet is run by an internal puppeteer who has the ability to control the mouth of the puppet and the direction of its face. Using hydraulics and compressed nitrogen the puppeteer can raise and lower the puppet. It can grow to about 12′ tall.

For more information, please contact Jen Sartanowicz, General Manager, here.